Luminessence - Stephen White

Luminessence - Illuminated light Sculptures.

Artist: Stephen White - Galleries and Showrooms

Luminessence Light Sculptures may be seen in the following galleries and showrooms or at the studio of Luminessence in Eugene, Oregon. (541) 344-2124

Retail Galleries

LOS ANGELES, CA - "Twentieth" (323) 904-1200

HOUSTON, TX - "Michael Pilie" (713) 961-1619

SEATTLE, WA - "Northwest Woodworkers Gallery" (206) 625-0542

EUGENE, OR "Eco Sleep Solutions and Gallery" (541) 343-1022

Wholesale Showrooms (To The Trade Only)

HOUSTON, TX - "Michael Pilie" (713) 961-1619

LOS ANGELES, CA - "Twentieth" (323) 904-1200

SAN FRANCISCO, CA "Coup d'Etat" (415) 241-9300

HONOLULU, HI - "Fee Interiors" (808) 536-3529

If you are in the vicinity of a gallery or showroom where Luminessence is sold you will be able to see pieces on display as well as the Luminessence portfolio of previous works. If you don't have that opportunity please Contact Us with your request, for further information or to place an order.