George C Scott Studios - Art Glass Lighting
Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Fine Art Glass Lighting

Artist: George C Scott

You may be looking for glass sconces to line the hallways of a hotel or custom chandeliers for the atrium of your building. Custom work is always welcome and no job is too big for George C Scott Studios. Architectural lighting is welcomed and his work is often specified for various jobs.

His work can be found in homes, offices, casinos and grand places like the entryway of the performace hall at Delaware University (on left).

The beautiful and stately fused glass pendant light fixtures, glass pendants, and sconces by George C. Scott will really set off any space they illuminate. So, if you are looking for fused glass chandeliers to line a hallway or glass sconces for the walls he can work with you to design the perfect fit for your job.

Custom Pendant Lighting

Take a moment, to view the variety of fused glass pendant light fixtures, and envision the feeling of the space that is illuminated with the work of George C Scott.

Architectural Lighting