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Corrie Croft Gallery is a collection of artists and the work that they create. Providing you with a "pallet" of contemporary artwork to create your own living or working environment, a space to express your inner spirit.


When you place an order, the order is sent directly to the artist. The artist will then contact you to confirm the order. Please take note of the piece that you are interested in and the time the artist needs to fill your order. The majority of the work shown at Corrie Croft is made to order. Some of the artists also do custom work. Some artists do only one-of-a-kind pieces. Those artists that do custom one-of-a-kind contemporary artwork will work with you directly to create a piece that will accentuate your personal style.

The evolution of Corrie Croft Internet Gallery

Corrie Croft began as a quiet place in the countryside. A home built by myself, John Lang. There is a small stream that flows past the house which is built in a "corrie", or small ravine, and the word "croft" is a small farm or landholding, hence the name Corrie Croft. I started making wood lamp shades and wood lamps in 1990 and my studio/business name became Corrie Croft.

An internet presence for my work manifested itself in the early 1990's. It expanded to include my work and that of my artist friends and became Corrie Croft Gallery. It will continue to be an ever-expanding location to find one of a kind works of art, limited editions, and small studio production works done by highly skilled artists and craftsmen.

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