Fine Art Lighting

Fine Art Lamps

As you know, lamps and lighting come in all shapes, materials, and sizes. The designer lighting that is featured on Corrie Croft is hand crafted by artists in the USA. The materials that are used to craft your lamp, also vary by the talent that the artist has fostered. We currently offer:

Ceramic Lamps

If you are looking for artistic lamps for direct lighting, pendant lamps, or illuminated sculptures, to enhance that special spot in your home or office, the artists at Corrie Croft Gallery have created some beautiful lamps & lighting selections for you.

  • Be your own designer.
  • Let your creativity shine.
  • We bring you the designer lighting to make it happen.

There is a great selection of fine art lamps, artistic wood table lamps, hanging lamps, and wall lamps. The designer lighting selections don't stop there. The fine custom sculptural illuminated pieces by Stephen White and William Leslie will add a unique touch to any environment.