Fine Art Lighting

Art Lamp with Wood Lamp Shade

Art Lamp

If you are looking for art lamp for direct lighting or ambient lighting, to enhance that special spot in your home. The artists at Corrie Croft Gallery have created some beautiful lamps & lighting selections for you.

Art lamps take on many different forms. They can range from a table lamp to an illuminated sculptural piece. The nice thing about an art lamp, is that you never quite know what the artist is going to create the next time. It may be a totally different medium or for that matter, an illuminated piece using mixed media, ceramic and metal, glass and wood, ceramic and glass and metal, you never quite know what to expect, and that also makes an art lamp unique.

Lamps and Lighting

These artists present their unique lamps & lighting: John Lang wood lamps with wood lamp shades.

William Leslie light sculpture.

Stephen White of "Luminessence" - light sculpture.

Matthew Newman light sculpture.

George C. Scott of "George C Scott Studios" - art glass chandeliers and glass pendant lighting.

Jim Webb of "Studio 233" - ceramic lamps.

There is a great selection of art lamps & lighting pieces: hanging lamps, wall lamps, and sculptural lighting.